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Point of Sale - Software

Point of Sale software to be used on terminals, back office computers and hand-held devices for many different industries.

Idealpos 7

If you are looking for a complete POS System, then Idealpos is the right choice for your Point of Sale System.

Suitable for both many different industries, Idealpos' optional features are available in add-on modules, so you only need to purchase the features you require. Idealpos POS Software is easy to use and your staff will quickly learn. Select the feature you wish to learn about.

.Accounting Interface
.Bar Tabs
.Bill Splitting
.Barcode Scanning
.Beverage Monitoring
.Caller ID
.Configurable POS Screen
.Credit Note
.Customer Account
.Currency Configuration
.Customer Loyalty
.Customer Reward Promotions
.Dashboard & Shortcuts
.Employee Log
.Hold Print Function
.Happy Hour Specials
.Label Printing
.Kitchen Printing
.Multi-Site Management
.Order Entry
.Reservation interfaces
.Transfer Mode
.Web Reporting

Industries Served

.Hotel, Gaming & Clubs
.Convenience Stores
.Fruit & Vegetable Shops
.Quick Service & Fast Food

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Onetap POS

Highly flexible and customisable hospitality point of sale.

Onetap is hospitality point of sale, stock control, customer loyalty, reporting and integrated software using smart technology for restaurants, cafes, bars and more.

.Easy to use
.Quick sales and efficient service
.Smart - 200+ features
.Robust platform
.Highly flexible and scalable
.Connect to 30+ third party systems
.Automated stock control
.Handheld ordering
.Drive customer loyalty
.Online ordering
.Smart reporting
.Easily manage staff and payroll
.Work from anywhere
.Awesome 24/7 Client Support
.Smart hardware

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